Chip Fisher is a Sarasota, Florida based PT and Entrepreneur who jumped at the opportunity to purchase the First FYZICAL Franchise location from previous owner Keefe Fugleberg.


With FYZICAL, you will:

Be part of something bigger while remaining 100% independent
Access business systems and special skills that allow you to treat because you want to, not because you have to
Grow your business exponentially with “The FYZICAL Boost”
Belong to a mindshare of professionals collaborating in a non-competitive environment
Exit your business with wealth (when you want to)
Rapid changes in healthcare are reshaping private practice making it more difficult to compete against the Hospitals, Mega PT Corporations and other consolidators.

FYZICAL stands for private practice which is why every business system has been designed specifically for private practice owners wanting to remain 100% independently owned, yet still thrive in the new age of healthcare and into the future.

As a FYZICAL health and wellness franchise owner, you take advantage of advanced balance and audiology programs, medically-based fitness, automated patient referral systems, management strategies and marketing tools, making it easier to generate additional lines of revenue.

This multimillion-dollar business model helps you offer what no other organization in the world does.

With FYZICAL, you’re in control of your business, but you are never alone.


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