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Arcades are a business venture introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in The Diamond Casino Heist update.

As with other businesses, the player must first conduct Setup work to start up this business. Setups contribute to the advancement of the business, as the site was largely abandoned and, therefore, not ready to operate at full capacity.

Setup: Equipment
Main article: Arcades/Setup: Equipment
The player needs to collect equipment to be used at the Arcade. Initially, the player is tasked with going to a semi-random location, such as the GoPostal Building, Post OP Depository or The Secure Unit. Once they arrive, it turns out the personnel have been killed, with no sight of the required equipment. Eventually, Lester starts locating the equipment and once he finds it, the player has to collect it by finding a Flatbed, killing the driver and driving the truck back to the business. Enemies will start to appear, attempting to take the player out, so one has to be careful.

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