5 Reasons Veterans Succeed as Franchise Owners
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Owning a Franchise at a Discount

Many franchises offer their brand at a discount to veterans.

Five Reasons Veterans Succeed as Franchise Owners
The latest statistics show that 1 in 10 U.S. business owners are military veterans (U.S. Census Bureau) and with good reason; they truly shine when they are building their own businesses. Here’s why:

1. Leadership Experience
Great leadership skills allow owners to develop solid growth, motivate their employees and deliver strategies that impact the success of the business.
Veterans provide a selfless brand of leadership that inspires dedication and loyalty. Members of the military are often more prepared to take on the responsibility of supporting the numerous needs of their business and staff. Their leadership decisions impact the well-being and attitude of their team members.

2. Strong Discipline
The truth is working for yourself means nobody is looking over your shoulder to ensure that you stay focused. Business owners are often wearing many different hats and need high levels of discipline to stay on target and accomplish everything a growing business requires. Discipline is one of the first qualities that comes to mind when people think of military veterans. Applying this discipline on a consistent basis can translate to greater productivity and faster growth.

3. Ability to Build a Team
As important as teamwork is many business owners struggle to communicate and relinquish control.
With teamwork being a key component of military culture, veterans have a clear advantage in this area. Members of the military train and carry out their duties within a group. Their success often depends on how well the team performs. Bringing this attitude to a business creates stronger bonds and encourages higher levels of performance among other team members – all of which leads to better results.

4. Ensuring Performance Under Pressure
Pressure is a reality for new business owners. They have to react to emergencies, delegate tasks, and make quick decisions that channel the business in a particular direction.
Many military veterans have faced the highest levels of pressure and responsibility, so they’re often well equipped to handle the stresses of entrepreneurship while remaining functional and effective.

5. Understanding Sacrifice
Most business owners will say they had to make sacrifices especially during the early phases. Indeed, it is almost always a part of the roadmap to success. Entrepreneurs may feel overwhelmed at having to give up some of their social lives or quality time spent with family members to get the business up and running.

Sacrifice is a central aspect of military service. Some veterans were stationed far away from their families, others relocated frequently and some faced the possibility of making the ultimate sacrifice. Making sacrifices to ensure the success of their business seems minor in comparison.

These are just a few of the major strengths former military members have when pursuing entrepreneurship through franchise ownership. Each veteran’s experiences and perspectives give them a unique set of tools for turning their business aspirations into successful ventures.

We thank you for your service and can help you find a franchise that offers a Veteran discount!


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