Hello guys, in this video I go how to Build an Online Business Directory. I have successfully built an Online Business Directory, and I wanted to share my journey, successes & fails. I have found this business to be a great source for passive income, as I don’t have to work hard to make money from it.

0:00 Meet Fleurieu Wedding Guide my Online Business Directory
My online business directory is called Fleurieu Wedding Guide. I started this directory because there was a strong demand for weddings on the Fleurieu Penisula (where I live), but there was no help for couples getting married. So that’s how I stumbled into creating an online business directory.

0:55 My Business Data
Overall after 1 year, my online business is going quite well. We’re currently sitting at 38 paying customers, each who are paying $200 AUD per year. This equal approximately $7.5k in revenue and $7k in profit. Which I’m stoked with, as a passive income.

1:40 How to Build an Online Directory with WordPress
This will video is part of a series, where I’m going to teach you all you need to know, about how to build a successful online directory business.

2:04 How to get clients for your Online Directory
Another future video will be me explaining, how I successfully found clients for my online directory.

If you guys are keen to learn more about how to build a successful online business directory, follow along for more.

Episode 1 – How to Build an Online Business Directory

Episode 2 – How to Build a Listing & Directory Website with WordPress

Episode 3 – How to get Clients for your Online Business Directory

Episode 4 – How to Sell your Online Business
Coming soon

Episode 5 – How to Install Google Adsense on WordPress Website
Coming soon


Luke Mead.


Do you want to learn more about me?

I grew up in the remote north-west corner of Australia 🇦🇺 known as the Kimberley. It’s approximately the size of California, but with a population of about 90,000 people. It was a beautiful & rugged place to grow up.

I started my journey in marketing back in the Kimberley, where I dabbled in videography. Before I knew it, I was filming weddings & commercials for local businesses. As much as I loved videography, I didn’t like the pressure of filming for clients

A few years later, I moved to Adelaide (South Australia) and decided to learn digital marketing . From there it’s been a rollercoaster, my business has snowballed as I built up my skills & got better at my work.

Now, I find myself focusing on digital marketing, education & being active outdoors. Follow along for the journey

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