Got a burning question? This is the session — all Q&A! Dave Sobel, Host of the Business of Tech, took questions live from the audience.

00:00 About The Business of Tech Lounge Episodes
03:15 How can MSPs assist their clients with recession planning?
07:36 How to overcome sales objections on price?
09:37 How should I get my techs to embrace certification?
15:39 What is the best way to get techs to continue their technical knowledge?
20:59 What may break the cycle of “Add this new MRR tool and charge your clients more for it?” Will the pendulum swing back towards simplification?
27:05 Story that didn’t make the show: Data on people and their option to work remotely
29:06 How important do you feel PX is as the pendulum of influence swings away from vendors and to partners?
33:45 So if we look at the whole ecosystem, you would consider CX on the MSP side critical?
34:45 Story that didn’t make the show: Zoom Bets on Corporate Customers to Stem Post-Pandemic Crash
36:14 Let’s talk about SEO, websites, and the customer journey
40:55 Story that didn’t make the show: Windows admin gets most asked-for tools for M365
42:52 What’s your best example of client or partner experience?
44:10 Most MSPs are 1 person shows. How would you recommend they manage their communication with their clients?
49:14 How to really voice the temptation to look at tools to solve everything as an MSP?
54:43 A reading recommendation from a listener
57:10 Can you talk about growing from a one-person MSP in terms of getting employees vs subcontractors and smart hands services like Field Nation?
59:52 Just what PCs are back on your desk?
1:02:41 You made your name in the MSP supporting apple, do you see an opportunity for MSPs to focus on the apple platform?

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