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The confusion between Managed Services & Staff Augmentation is very evident in a lot of organizations.

They confuse the two and use the terms interchangeably.

So, let’s start with the definitions.
Staff Augmentation – It is created to deal with budgetary pressures, short-term resource constraints, and increased headcount requirements.
Managed Service Provider – Managed services provide additional assistance that saves you time and money. Managed services relieve you of time-consuming but necessary tasks.

That said, here is a detailed video on the comparison of these two.

Watch the video till the end!

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Introduction: 0:00
What is Staff Augmentation?: 03:05
Various Aspects of Staff Augmentation: 06:29
Staff Augmentation: Inhibitors & Biases: 09:50
What is Managed Services?: 10:58
Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services: 12:41
Managed Services vs Staff Augmentation: Which to Choose?: 20:03


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