Drain Cleaning Experts have offered exceptional drain cleaning services in the Minneapolis Saint Paul community for an entire century now. Your drains and sewer lines do a dirty job. And when there’s a problem with them, that fact is obvious. Luckily, our professional plumbers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. We are ready it in there and clean out your drains until they are in perfect shape. Our team members have the tools, experience and knowledge to repair any drain problem. In order to avoid costly repairs on your drain, it’s important to have it inspected once a year!

The Drain Cleaning Experts offer expansive drain cleaning and sewer line repair services. Our professional and knowledgeable plumbers are prepared to repair your plugged toilet and clogged or slow drains. This includes all of your home sinks, showers and floor drains. Our Bio-clean organic drain cleaner is safe for you, your pipes and your environment. We wouldn’t use chemicals that we aren’t comfortable with in our own homes and we guarantee that we would never use them in your home. Our complete rooter services help fix problems when snaking and plunging simply isn’t enough for your drain.

The Drain Cleaning Experts are more than prepared to find and prevent hidden sewer pipe problems at your Minneapolis or Saint Paul home. We pinpoint water and sewer line problems and prevent new ones
Our video inspection camera goes right into your drain or water line to see the exact source of potential sewer or water line problems. The images are transferred to our computer for complete drain and sewer analysis. This eliminates guesswork when diagnosing sewer and drain problems. We can visually confirm the cause of your sewer drain problem.


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