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The Delhivery business model is the B2B model, where they provide services that are primarily focused on business people. Here, the businesses are charged, and the customers are charged nothing.

The services that the company offers can be broken down into three departments or verticals. These are- warehousing, transportation, and commerce. However, the majority of their business is focused on transportation. It follows a ‘plug and play’ model and provides a solution to all those customers who want to send out their products to their respective customers.

The services offered by Delhivery include last-mile delivery, transit, and third-party warehousing, reverse logistics, vendor to warehouse and vendor to customer, payment collection, shipping, etc. The company did not follow a hub and spoke model of delivery.

The method followed by them is the distribution model, where every branch of the company is operated as a hub. In this way, the parcels can be distributed to the customers without any problems.


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