Every franchise organization has its top franchisees and those that are underperforming. But each franchisee was once a prospect. For that reason, picking the right prospects is key.

Welcome to Proven Match, powered by FranNet, the leader in franchising solutions.

Proven Match helps you identify your next top performers, recruit them and continually improve organizational performance. It starts with determining the performance criteria to uniquely itemize how your organization defines its best franchisees. Then, Proven Match allows you to categorize existing franchisees against these criteria and determine your top, middle and lower performers.

After that, your franchisees will participate in F.I.T. assessments leading to the creation of a Top Performer Report. This report gives deep insight into the key indicators that define your strongest franchisees and also provides marketing suggestions for recruiting candidates that exemplify those same traits.

From there, easily manage your recruiting efforts through the Prospect Management Dashboard System.

The bottom line? Better franchisees, performance and profitability. Find your perfect franchisee with Proven Match today.


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