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When Red Dwarf first entered production in the late 1980s, many at the BBC believed it was a guaranteed failure. However true to form, Red Dwarf bucked virtually every established trend, becoming BBC2’s most watched show. While it was often referred to as a cult success, in truth at the height of the show’s popularity it had become a true mainstream hit. Not only was it a successful television series, but a fully fledged multimedia franchise, something which also turned heads across the pond.

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00:00 Squarespace Ad
01:12 Intro
02:14 Red Dwarf USA Development
09:50 Red Dwarf USA First Pilot
13:44 Red Dwarf USA Second Pilot
16:10 Series 6
21:41 Psirens
23:14 Legion
25:18 Gunmen of the Apocalypse
30:22 Series 6 Highlights
34:11 Grant and Naylor Breakup
35:52 Series 7
43:04 Stoke Me a Clipper
45:42 Ouroboros
47:23 Series 7 Highlights
50:10 Red Dwarf Remastered
53:41 Series 8
1:00:42 Back in the Red
1:03:46 Only the Good
1:05:12 Modern Red Dwarf
1:06:17 Outro

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