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It’s hard to know where to store your hard earned cash from a small online business or side hustle but you likely need a business bank account. There are so many out there and I’ve tried several since I started earning an income online. I am reviewing some of those small business bank accounts here for others who are looking for the best business bank account for side hustles and small businesses. I hope it helps others narrow down the search!

In this review of Novo Bank we will look at the pros, cons, and what might be the perfect business bank choice for certain types of businesses.

Novo Bank offers business checking with a focus on digital banking geared toward small businesses, freelancers, and in my opinion it’s perfect for content creators and online business owners. I know because that’s me and I’m currently using Novo as my bank for YouTube income.

It’s perfect for anyone starting out small who needs to separate their business checking from their personal checking (believe me, you need to do this as soon as possible to make things easier). They offer some amazing pros like no monthly fees but they also have some cons too so let’s go over the pros and cons and talk about if Novo Bank is the right business checking account for you.

Novo business checking


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