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Howdy folks!

Today I have a special video for you.

Because we’re going to be covering the pros and cons of moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This city isn’t just the home of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, it’s also a place that has a lot of charm. And if you’re thinking about moving there anytime soon, make sure you watch this video first.

Because even though Philly has a lot about it to love, some people may want to avoid it at all cost.

Which is why, in this video, I plan to take a close look at the best reasons to move to (or avoid) this city.

So make sure you watch until the very end.

And like always, if you decide to make that move to Philadelphia (or anywhere else in the country), we have something that can ease the process (because let’s face it, buying a house can be quite complicated).

At, we’ll provide you with your very own concierge who will make the whole house buying process a walk in the park…for absolutely FREE!

So if you’re ready to let someone else handle the stressful details, click the following link to learn more:

Here are few links if you want to skip ahead:

Con #5 Overcrowding – 0:20
Con #4 Traffic – 0:54
Con #3 Wage Taxes – 1:18
Con #2 Liquor License Laws- 1:42
Con #1 Job Market – 2:02
Pro #5 Walkability – 2:25
Pro #4 History – 2:50
Pro #3 Arts and Museums – 3:09
Pro #2 Location – 3:30
Pro #1 Cost of Living – 4:14


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