Are you ready to form your Delaware LLC, but not sure what to do? Here’s a video walk through to what you need to form your Delaware LLC through the secretary of state as well as what to do after forming your Delaware LLC.

0:00 – Intro

0:27 – Summary of video

0:51 – Step 1: LLC Name Search

1:32 – Step 2: Business Address
2:22 – How to get a VPM business address

3:10 – Step 3 : Registered Agent

5:39 – Step 4: Certificate of Formation
5:49 – What is a Certificate of Formation?
6:35 – How to complete the Certificate of Formation
9:31 – How to Complete a cover letter

11:27 – Step 5: EIN
12:28 – How to apply for your EIN online

18:11 – Step 6: Operating Agreement

22:15 – Step 7: Business Bank Account

25:29 – Step 8: Annual Franchise Tax

26:38 – Conclusion
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4 Costs for Forming a Delaware LLC

5 Things You Should Know Before Forming Your Delaware LLC
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