Assassins creed black flag is hands down the best assassins creed game, but unfortunately due to the liberties taken by the developers it ended up leading to assassins creed origins, odyssey and valhalla which I consider to be the games that ruined the franchise.

Special thanks to @AlexWebb101 for being my co-commentator, he is a great man and I had a blast making that sequence so my greatest appreciation to him.

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In this assassins creed black flag review we will discuss why ac black flag is the best ac game in the series then immediately discuss why the reboot assassins creed games are awful.

Specifically why the assassins creed black flag combat is fantastic whereas the reboot ac games combat is quite bad.

And as we revisit ac black flag in 2022 I will show lots, many, tons of memes.

So sit back relax and enjoy this ac review and gameplay! Due to the much longer duration than usual this one took a good bit extra but I have a special surprise for the next video.

What you have just watched is one of our game reviews where we breakdown some of our favorite games review them in an action pack review. Our style is inspired by people we love watching like ssethtzeentach, mandaloregaming, videogamedunkey, and martincitopants, but of course we add our own touch and a metric ton of memes. I hope you enjoy the review, thanks for checking out fleekazoid!


Intro – 0:00
Overview – 0:36
AC Prologues – 3:18
Takedowns – 4:16
Gun Weapons – 6:12
Combat & Comparing – 6:54
Melee Weapons – 8:35
Boats – 9:13
Shanties – 10:10
Boat Combat – 11:08
Stealth – 14:34
Side Activities – 16:39
Glitches – 19:08
Freedom Cry – 20:04
Story – 21:37
The End (keep watching) – 22:54

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